Sep 1, 2008

Take A New Look At The New MacBooks?

I feel revised MacBooks - MacBook Pro's coming in the weeks ahead to follow the revised iPod line. I normally advise clients to buy the tools they need TODAY - to get TODAY'S job done. But there are moments where Timing-Is-Everything - and I think it's best to hold off on new purchases until this Holiday season product line is revealed.

Apple Store

And it isn't just about new models: I think this time its going to be about NEW PRICES as well: Apple will keep it's Premium - but there's been such a bloodbath in the Laptop market in particular, that Apple just CAN'T CONTINUE TO SELL $1500 BLACK MACBOOKS anymore. So I'm predicting the white basic consumer models pulled to $999 for sure, $899 quite possibly. And all the rest? Well - we'll see next week. Oh and for gawd's sake Apple - STOP selling COMBO drives and just put a DVD burner into every FUCKING MODEL already. Jeezus, it's 2008 - make SuperDrives STANDARD across all lines!!

And for those dead serious bargain hunters, new models always mean PRICE COLLAPSE on just-discontinued models literally overnight - and the Factory Recertified section deals will get even sweeter...
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