Sep 3, 2008

Download Google Chrome Browser For Mac? NOT YET!

Well, Google's new web browser FOR WINDOWS at this point is taking the, uh, internet news cycle by storm. Well I'm sure Google will get around the Apple Mac version of Chrome for download... eventually. Go to DOWNLOAD GOOGLE CHROME FOR MAC NOW! ...and you'll get a chance to sign-up for being notified when you actually can.

Oh there's some innovative features - most notably there's no SEPARATE Downloads window - and a really nice way of indicating progress right in your status bar. I think that's smart. And Chrome has a Kwik Bookmark feature that simply JUST BOOKMARKS SOMETHING WITH A SINGLE CLICK - and doesn't necessarily nag you, or have you confirm, or prompt you to rename it: It just bookmarks it - and you can deal with the minutiae later.

But there are other things about this browser that should GIVE YOU THE CREEPS - and SCARE THE HELL OUT OF YOU. Like by integrating search into the URL/Address bar - and with it's very friendly drop down list of SUGGESTIONS.. Why Google will manipulate you indirectly by PRE-CHOOSING SUGGESTIONS FOR YOU - why it's almost like Google is THINKING FOR YOU - it's almost like GOOGLE can SPOON FEED WHAT IT THINKS BEST FOR YOU TO CLICK ON YOU LITTLE TRAINED RAT!!!! And most people likely will, and the things they likely suggest will likely be Sites That Google makes the most profit from and that are tactically advantageous to send you to, and will make them all very rich, and further cement their control over search and what you see and what you don't.

THINK ABOUT IT. And be afraid, very afraid - of the power we hand over to the Goog Monster with every search we make there.

Google Chrome will make it easier than ever to ADD to all the Data Mining they're already doing with your web-browsing history and Gmail emailing habits. [ OH, DIDN'T YOU KNOW HOW MUCH HISTORY THEY KEEP ON YOU? ] Chrome is just the next TOOL - like a Screw-You-Driver to nail your G-spot with. And every click you take, every search you make, every bookmark you bake -- will help their cause. Those suggestions will send more traffic to some of their most profitable advertisers - and keep you from seeing all those annoying little no-name websites that ordinary, Non-AdWords-Paying people run. And besides who wants to read what THOSE SITES have to say anyways???

To quickly qote some RUSH 2112 Lyrics: "We've taken care of everything: The words you read the songs you sing. The pictures that give color to your eyes..."

Indeed. Me personally. I'll use Firefox and do my searches at Yahoo or Wikia by default.
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