Jan 14, 2017

Super-Fast Flash Memory Storage Recommendations For Macs

Review, shop and buy the fastest flash memory storage options for Apple computers. Solid-State backup hardware for Mac include USB thumb drives, Secure Digital SD - SDHC and SDXC cards, or DIY SSD ThunderBolt, USB 3.0 and USB-C drives and enclosures using SATA or PCIe SSD modules of your choosing. http://www.drivesformac.com With prices recently collapsing on flash memory modules, higher capacity and more affordable Apple compatible solid-state memory peripherals are rapidly displacing conventional spinning platter storage - with far faster read/write speeds and increased reliability and endurance.

Nov 28, 2016

New C922 Stream Pro Logitech HD Webcam For Mac

Logitech's newest HD webcam for Mac http://www.mac-compatible-web-cam.com - Mac Compatible Webcam Reviews, Product News.

MacBook Compatible Mobile Laptop Printer Makers

Who makes portable printers for MacBook Pro and Air? http://www.maclaptopprinters.com Printing companies compatible with Mac OSX and IOS

Nov 10, 2016

Next-Generation MacBook ThunderBolt 3 Dingle Dongle Hell

No pain, No gain. That sums up how the transition to ThunderBolt 3 is going to be. A mess of adapters, converters, and USB-C and Thunderbolt 3 dongles dangling everywhere off the sides of our Apple laptops to bridge the old generation to the next.

One connector: Type-C. But not just 10Gbps USB-C, 40GpsThunderBolt 3 with USB 3.1 protocol tunneled inside the same physical port. So your Late 2016 MacBook end will handle both, it's the gadgets AT THE OTHER END that determine which to use.

Expect somewhat pricey $149 to $299 multi-port Thunderbolt 3 docks to help consolidate and avert a rag-tag assortment of ThunderBolt and USB-C dongles - at least on your desktop. Macbook users may need to tote a dongle or two in their laptop bag depending on their mobile peripheral needs.

Visit www.thunderbolt-adapter.com to compare some of the best-selling 1st, 2nd and 3rd generation ThunderBolt port adapters and converters for Macs and MacBook laptops old and new. That includes now shipping ThunderBolt port port sharing hubs, drives, and TBolt3 4K and 5K LCD displays.

Apple and Intel ThunderBolt multi interface accessories are a perfect match for the incredibly high bandwidth of a 10Gbps to 40Gbps ThunderBolt port. We cover Apple ThunderBolt Adapter Peripherals: hubs and cables for multi-port ThunderBolt interface connectivity needs.

May 5, 2016

Next Generation USB-C Backup Drives For 12 Inch MacBooks

Review the new generation of Apple compatible SuperSpeed Plus USB 3.1 Type-C interface SSD and HDD hard drives recommended for Mac computer backups.

Dec 13, 2015

Essential Mac Accessories And Cool Apple Gadgets

MacGizmoGuy Reviews the top-selling MacBook Air accessories for an insanely great Apple computer experience. Essential, Must-Have and Cool portable Mac desktop MacBook laptop peripherals you'll love! www.macgizmoguy.com

Nov 16, 2015

Best Portable Mac Bluetooth Speaker Of The Year

What a great year for Apple Computer Inc - and the Mac platform. With record-setting numbers of Mac's sold, the demand for MacBook and Macintosh peripherals is stronger than ever.

A really great computer speaker system is high on many Apple user's must have list. The best Mac Bluetooth speaker of the year has to go to Creative Labs with it's REVISED portable SoundBlaster Roar - Rev 2 wireless Bluetooth computer speaker:

Smaller and lighter than it's 1st-generation predecessor, the Roar 2 packs the same high-quality loudspeaker drivers into a 20+% smaller and lighter enclosure for even more convenient portability. It offers a plethora of buttons, functions and features that make this a MacBook, iPad, iPhone and iPod friendly audio solution that ROCKS on your desktop and on the go!

Apr 13, 2015

State-Of-The-Art Apple Compatible Conferencing Cam Arrives

Continuing its dominance in the premium-quality webcam market, Logitech is now delivering it's latest state of the art videoconferencing hardware thats ideal for individuals and corporations wanting a brilliantly engineered voice and video conferencing solution.

About the size of a Pringle's potato chip can, the slim tubular unit encloses both a premium HD web camera and speakerphone functionality. It optionally runs on battery power letting you dash to the next meeting with the cam and your MacBook in tow, and you're ready for your next conference session.

With the included remote (which smartly snaps-into to camera for travel) you can control digital pan, tilt and zoom remotely, as well as manage conference call volume, answer and disconnect management. It recharges via USB if you don't have the power-supply available and also includes a mini HDMI out video port to allow you to view your conference call on a meeting rooms big screen if desired.

Mar 15, 2015

Toofy-Blue And Why-Fye Too : USB-C MacBook Looks To Wireless For Mac Gadget Hookups

Apple's introduction of the next generation 12 inch Early 2015 MacBook laptop has introduced the world to a tiny, tiny Universal Serial Bus Type-C connector for both data and charging. USB-C is a fraction of the size of familiar Type-A connectors, and its essential for delivering razor thin laptop computers and handheld devices of the future. Much as with the very-first MacBook Air, the limitations of having just one port for all your existing USB peripherals will be a bit frustrating even with the addition of soon-to-ship external USB-C hardware like dongles, adapters, and device sharing hubs.

Apples' ultimate intention thinks beyond USB itself to push MacBook users towards a much more wireless framework of connectivity using both 802 11 Wi-Fi and Bluetooth wireless devices. As such, expect the demand for and interest in Mac compatible wireless accessories to increase even more.

A handful of years back I had the good sense to prognosticate an un-wired Mac future and built a website: www.mac-wireless-accessories.com to try to address what at the time was a nascent, emerging new class of Mac computer peripherals. The very first STEREO Bluetooth speakers were only reaching the market back then. (See mac-bluetooth-speakers.com ) Prior to that, they had been one piece monophonic Bluetooth headsets only suitable for cell phone calls and voice frequencies, not hi-fi stereo music playback. Apple was still evolving with Rendezvous and Bonjour automatic device discovery but it still hadn't matured it into the now common Apple AirPrint technology for easy printing from any nearby Mac or iGadget. Wireless Bluetooth keyboards, track pads, graphic pads and mice were available back then, but not nearly as ubiquitous as they are today. Wireless was still 'new' and not as nearly as established as it is now.

Sadly, I let that website languish for too long. The trend towards wireless connectivity made it difficult to keep up with the endless stream of new Bluetooth and Wi-Fi gadgets that were hitting the market. Google punished the website in 2012 and traffic dried up anyways -- so it didn't seem to be worth spending much time on. But fast-forward to 2015. Not only do we have an established market, but best-selling and highly refined 802.11 WiFi and Bluetooth products have risen to the top of consumers minds. Totally new categories of wireless accessories have emerged. Battery life has improved drastically which is important given that RE-charging many portable Wireless and Bluetooth gadgets is still required.

So a complete re-think and rewrite of www.mac-wireless-accessories.com is underway. It's also being given a responsive website theme so that iPhone and iPad users will have an easy time viewing and exploring the site. And it also features some pretty incredible wireless gear any Mac user would love to own along with their new 2-pound retina MacBook.

Mar 13, 2015

USB-C Peripherals For 2015 MacBook

With the announcement of the new, razor-thin 12 inch MacBook, Apple has also introduced a single USB connector that's part of the Universal Serial Bus v3.1 specification: 'USB Type-C'. The only other port on the Mac laptop is a 3.5mm Analog audio port for headphones and microphones on the right-hand side.

This single port provides both USB 3.X data connectivity AND replaces and consolidates the MagSafe power port as well. While that's a neat advancement, it also implies many users will have to use a USB-C adapter or hub of some sort to use ANY of the USB peripherals they likely already own. You can learn more about the new Type-C standard at www.usbcmac.com

Fortunately Apple and 3rd party vendors are poised to deliver a range of USB-C drives, cables and adapters to help ease the transition. Stay tuned, I'll be featuring some of the new gadgets as they hit the market.