Aug 12, 2008

The Smart-est Best-est USB Speaker Yet

I don't rave about computer peripherals unless they really can withstand my quarter-century of seeing less-than-great tech gizmos come and go. But here's a stand-out diamond in the historical rubble: The LOGITECH AUDIOHUB USB SPEAKER -HUB COMBO is an exceptionally designed USB computer peripheral that reminds me every day that I purchased a GREAT product that I'll enjoy for years to come

Unlike some other smaller laptop-portable USB speakers, the AudioHub does require AC Power and is designed for your desk. Because it's a ONE-PIECE USB stereo speaker, it can clean up and consolidate your desktop tangle considerably. An external volume control knob with mute switch, integrated 3-port high-speed USB 2.0 hub, integrated cable-management, and a special riser bracket to mount a webcam make it a smartly designedf, multi-function USB unit with 15 watts RMS of very highly-rated frequency response, audio quality and clarity. Logitech's 2.1 speakers feature a 75mm center woofer and dual 50mm side drivers that can be extended to accomodate wider laptops.

For positioning itself as a Premium-Priced and Music/Media company, Apple continues to deliver less than SUPERLATIVE audio speakers in it's products. As in the past when they briefly partnered with Harmon-Kardon on the iMac and iSub - they really OUGHT to use world-class, top-notch speakers in every product they make. Until they stop making compromises with built-in audio, the AudioHub is a decided step up over ANY Mac's built-in speakers.

The AudioHub is not only a smart-choice for Mac or PC - but highly affordable. I have absolutely NO regrets buying one. I reduced the rats-nest of wires on my desk considerably - and could improve your desktop life as well. Heck, it costs less than many USB Hubs alone do! What are you waiting for, check out the Amazon product link above.
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