Jun 1, 2008

TV ANTENNA PEOPLE! (Yeah I'm Talking to YOU)

My buddy MUTT just couldn't seem to get his Digital to Analog HD TV Converter Box site very far off the ground. Like a television antenna placed too low, it just wasn't getting crisp, clear pure digital reception on the web search engines. No wonder - do you realize how GEEKY TV TALK IS?

The US North American effort to bring ATSC HDTV to SD Analog TV Tuners and NTSC sets using DTA converters - as mandated by the FCC and coordinated by the NTIA - for both UHF & VHF antenna channel and station reception using RG-6 F-Connector 75 OHM coaxial cable normally used by cable (CATV) companies for VCRs and Television sets - is coming next year. And 10-15 million USA people who rely on free OTA over-the-air reception will be affected.

Well, as you've read so far, it can be REALLY HARD with all those acronyms and terminology to help the average consumer understand what a DTA tuner is fer chrissakes and why ANTENNA people need one and and why cable or satellite don't DON'T need a converter for thier old television. Or.. WHEN in February 2009 you'll wish you had one. But given simulcasting of both Analog AND Digital TV signals already occurring there's reasons WHY you might want to buy a downconverter box now: - Perhaps one with RF/Analog-Passthrough for tactical technical reasons, and not wait till the cutoff date. [Hint: some allow you to continue to receive Analog stations AND enjoy the digital stations - which by the way offer sub-channels so that heck, good ol' channel 10 in DIGITAL might actually have 3 shows you can choose from - Just on that one channel #10 -= and begin to enjoy the built-in EPG - Electronic Program Guide that can show them the HDTV shows that are gonna be on that's built into the converter's OSG onscreen menus!

Trying to build a website to explain ALL THAT to humans is one thing. Getting a search engine to comprehend it is another. So I helped Mutt out with some tweaks under the hood to get his site SEEN. Humans and Bots: Go there now: www.tv-converter-boxes.com - and tell 'em DoctorMacBlogger sent ya!~ :)
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