Jun 19, 2008

Revenge of the Antenna People II - The Sequel

Well it's already started. The government coupons started shipping, people rushed off to get thier dirt cheap Digital To Analog converter boxes at WalMart, RadioShack, BestBuy et al. The more criminal types are trying to hock them on eBay already - which is a violation of Federal Law, but hey subsidizing the above mentioned's corporate profit margins for the Fortune 500 is what your Senators are for, right?

Well the ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM, (wedged somewhere between you, your old TV, and that shiny new cheap DTA converter is your crappi old ANTENNA. Maybe it's just sitting there atop your television. Maybe it's hiding in the closet or attic. Or even (ideally) mounted on your roof - daring Zeus to smite thee and throw down lightning bolts. And therin lies the rub. Many early-adopters beyond the urban core are now finding out first-hand that that crystal clear Digital TV reception suddenly wants (Like the Elephant - it's peanut) you to upgrade your antenna so you don't get that dreaded blocky onscreen breakup - or the heart-stopping "NO SIGNAL!" threats onscreen.

Sigh. Of course you realize that means: 1. I need to TALK about antennas on YouTube. 2. I need to build some recommended antenna product links. 3. I need to update my www.mac-digital-tv-tuners.com website. And WORST. 4. Start pondering MY OWN ANTENNA SOLUTION, cuz using my INDOOR antenna desperately clinging to my roof OUTSIDE isn't _really_ a workable long term solution.
Me? I'm thinking a WINEGARD 1080 UHF/VHF compact outdoor antenna myself...
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