Jun 30, 2008


First off: I hereby declare for the annals of The History Of The Internet - that I, MacGizmoGuy first coined the term 'BLOGSNIT' as a pop-culture phrase on June 30th, 2008. Someday, an article in Wikipedia will note it's origins, the permutations and varitions that followed, and use this very blog as it's primary citation. (Well, it will until someone gets into another 'CITATIONSNIT' - which is all too common over at Wikipaedia.)

It (the snit) all started over a Logitech press release announcing that "Hell has now frozen over" as they allegedly introduced THEIR VERY FIRST MAC-COMPATIBLE WEB CAM uh, in Logitech's history??? Introducing... the Logitech QuickCam Vision Pro Webcam for Mac (It's now shipping at Amazon) Apparantly, they decided to give it an entire paragraph for it's name: "The Logitech QuickCam Vision Pro Webcam for Mac" - Just so there'll be NO confusion that it's a webcam, it's made by Logitech, it's for Apple Macintosh, it's part of their QuickCam line, that being a web camera it implicitly has - lacking actual human eyesight: 'VISION', and it's clearly for dead-serious PROfessional webcammers and not for just ordinary mortal consumers.

Well anyone who featured the press release in their blog quickly discovered by comments left that clearly a Global Webcam Blogsnit was in progress. Many erroneously felt his webcam is just a rehashed black Logitech QuickCam 9000 Pro with a new name, silver and gray color casing, and new packaging -- AND a much, much higher price tag. Some felt the jacked-up $129 MSRP price was outrageous! 'THIS IS AN OUTRAGE' they cried. (They being the blog-snitters (plural).

Well, official words from Officals in Logitech's forums now state that the hardware REALLY IS DIFFERENT. That the Auto-Focus and Rightlight2 technology is implemented completely in HARDWARE on the Mac Vision Pro model - and not via PC-Only software as does that which ships with the 9000 Pro for Windows users.

And that matters. Because the vast majority of AutoFocus webcams simply do NOT auto-focus on the Mac because there's no software to enable it. So all of Logitech's heretofore AF webcams simply acted like - in most cases - just very good FIXED-FOCUS webcams instead. But Logitech's HARDWARE implementation changes this. And it's not just just on the Mac - it's on ANY supported Operating System! So Even PC and Linus users are gonna LOVE the Vision Pro Mac cam's driverless performance. Expect these to eventually be in-stock at your local Apple Store
soon. I'm sure they'll love to sell you this new gray $129 webcam instead of the black $99 UltraVision they'd been carrying anyways. One must keep one's margins up! Pip pip, tally-ho!

Prediction: It won't be long and Logitech will (yawn) introduce this very same webcam in a very, very special Windows PC EDITION! It'll have like a whole new box and part number and... well they HAVE to do something to distinguish it from the 9000 Pro it will supercede now don't they? And they have to make sure the same WEBCAM GUTS as the 'Mac version' appear to be something different. Ahhh, Marketing.

WHY do I mention ANY of this? Well cuz I was Googling around and found absolutely ZERO references to the term: BLOGSNIT And it suddenly occurred to me (again) That I could easily see if Google ever ever loved me enough to someday return results on a COMPLETELY UN-INDEXED WORD: And so I gave birth to 'Blogsnit'. So there ya go Google, you now control the entire fricking world of Search. Need proof people? 'Blogsnit' got picked up in <12 hours. Dang! That Googles fast at taking over the universe, ain't they!?!?
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