Jul 3, 2008

Lousy MacAlly UVC Webcam vs Good Ones

What a disappointing piece of crap - MacAlly's new IceCam2 has just HORRIBLE image. View my MacGizmoGuy channel on YouTube - or simply do a search on 'Crappy Webcam' there to see how rotten the IceCam 2 is in real-life. Until further notice, at the value end, Creative Labs IM Pro model is a far far better webcam choice.

The video below was recorded on my Apple iSight so as not to INFLICT ACTUAL, HORRIBLE, BLUEISH-GREEN MACALLY ICECAM2 WEBCAM VIDEO IMAGES on an unsuspecting public...

The IceCam2 seems to produce disturbing, alien looking blueish-green skin tones no matter what you do. None of the warm colors of human flesh. Which makes me think, if you pointed a crappy IceCam at cold, blueish-green skinned aliens and recorded it - would they appear to to be warm and red and inviting in the captured results? <-- Think about it.
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