May 31, 2008

Choosing the Best USB Powered Digital Speakers

Choosing really good sounding USB powered speakers can be a challenge. There are trade-offs over more powerful AC-powered thunderous booming computer speaker systems USB can't match. But for personal listening USB speakers CAN deliver great sound in a small package over a single wire that provides both power and crystal clear digital audio over even an older USB 1.1 speed port. From units as small as a folding wallet travel form-factor to one-piece mobile speakers you can hold in your hand to separate left/right stereo 2-piece systems there's a USB speaker for many environments.

Innovative USB Speaker designs involve more than just a compact size. Thoughtful design for cable-management, the ability for a speaker to consolidate other USB devices such as a hub, USB microphone or even a USB UVC compatible webcam into a single unit can give hope to the tangled mess of cables most speakers and computer gizmos imply.
Impressive speaker volume, frequency response and clean digital audio quality ARE POSSIBLE with USB speakers: You just have to choose carefully. Features to look for start with reputable Audiophile companies known for their dedication to making great speaker drivers, the size of the drivers (the larger the better) for good bass response, innovative cabinet designs that support passive radiators or a separate 2.1 subwoofers in a small package - these details add up to speakers that a mere 5volts and 500ma the USB port delivers - to make the most of it and deliver 1-3 watts of pleasant sounding audio.
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