Jul 8, 2011

Mac SSD - Think SATA III

Solid-State hard drive storage seems to have hit a turning point in 2011. Apple's love for flash memory storage keeps expanding with increasing choices in an SSD for MacBook and Macintosh desktops. It's sweeping through the Windows PC market as well, especially on new 6GBps SATA III enabled systems as SATA III SSD drives are the norm in 2011's latest drive offerings.

The Mac has yet to make the leap from SATA II to SATA III chipsets in Apple's logic boards, but that will likely change by the end of the year. And that means good things for SSD performance on Mac OSX. Although fully backward compatible with SATA 1 & II, the latest crop of SSD's can now outperform the 3GBps SATA II bandwidth limitations. In short, Apple needs to keep up with the Serial ATA standard.

For that reason, if you're considering an upgrade or replacement SSD for Mac, think-forward and spend your money on one of the latest SATA III drives. It'll work in your current Mac, and you'll be able to take advantage of the faster drive speeds in your NEXT Mac if you migrate it into your new Macintosh. Best Bet? Either OCZ's SandForce chipset controller based '3' series of Agility or Vertex drives.
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