May 7, 2011

Mac ThunderBolt Peripherals - Where? When?

Well congratulations Apple. This week you delivered revised iMac desktop computer models with some really great improvements AND a high-speed ThunderBolt port on the 21.5" model and TWO TBolt ports on the 27". Awesome! Great! Wow!

But... Once again you ship a product with nothing - NOTHING meaningful to plug into those ThunderBolt ports - like uh, oh say - a ThunderBolt HARD DRIVE. LaCie ain't shipping theirs. Promise ain't shipping theirs. Ya can't buy a ThunderBolt drive enclosure. Ya can't really use it for any high-speed storage device. Cuz there ain't anything on the market to buy.

CORRECTION: The Apple Store now lists Promise Pegasus ThunderBolt RAID models as currently shipping! (Pricing starts at $1499....)

Slick move Apple. You've delivered to the consumer market a Round Hole with NO PEG to shove into it. (Unless you want to count DisplayPort Video Adapters - which ain't nothing new.) Cart before the Horse? What a screw up. I guess you and Intel and ANY hard drive company just couldn't get it together when you released the TBolt MacBooks, and still couldn't with the new TBolt iMacs. Congratulations.
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