Jan 10, 2011

High-Def Webcams for Mac

HD Webcams for Mac OSX  - Though many Mac video chat programs can't take advantage of the higher resolutions and wide-angle 16:9 aspect ratios the latest round of HD web cameras offer -- there's still good reason to choose a HD web cam. The higher resolution sensors of the cams simply provide more clarity and detail than ever before. Also of note is these sensors color fidelity is far superior to webcams from just a few years ago. 

At the high-end, the best webcams for Mac feature great quality optics and glass lenses to deliver razor sharp images.

The featured Logitech HD webcam featured here works great on Mac OSX Leopard and really defines state-of-the-art video chat on a Macintosh. Though most programs like iChat, FaceTime, Skype and others will only make use of the standard 640x480 VGA mode, this camera clearly delivers a superior image over nearly every other webcam made - including Apple's built-in iSight cameras.

Where HD 720p and 1080p cams suffer is when used at their true HD resolution modes. Even with the fastest of Macs - you may find QuickTime Player video capture mode set to 'Maximum' will indeed give you a full-screen, wide-angle image. But the frame rate may slow to a crawl.
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