Aug 23, 2010

SEM and SEO Toolbar Extensions for Safari 5

Someone had to do it: Do more than just kick out a blog post or two about the SEO potential of Apple's new Safari 5 and it's Extensions feature. Safari using web masters have been at a disadvantage when it comes to Search Engine Optimization (SEO)  Internet Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Social Media Optimization (SMO) tools on the most widely used Mac browser. Many of site owners were forced to use Mac FireFox on occasion to really get all the power and tools we needed.
Well, that's changing as Mac Gizmo Guy sets out to track all the new SEO related buttons, toolbars and Extensions for Safari 5 as new add-ons roll out. A dedicated page on is in progress, tracking this new opportunity for Apple computer using website owners to leverage the power we've lacked until now. Stay tuned as the Safari 5 SEO Extensions page get's fleshed-out and I dig in and unearth the best SEM - SMO - SEO Safari power tools we've longed for.

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