Aug 19, 2010

Apple Mac Compatible Article Submission Program for OS X

For Mac website owners leveraging the power of Article Marketing - you know manual article submission is a slow, painful hell. And while outsourcing submissions can be fairly economical - you pretty much lose ALL control over the process once you submit your project - and may find yourself scrambling to modify and fix stuff when they're still in a 'Pending' status at one article directory after another before they go live.
I recently discovered a FREE app: Article submission software for Mac OSX that runs on Adobe's AIR cross-platform code. ArticleSubmissionHelper - ASH is a godsend, letting you register, import your articles, spin titles and content to your liking - then helps you either step-through submits - or autosubmits to the article directory list for you. Either way, ASH helps ease the pain of submission - while retaining control of the process. A good thing for all Mac article marketers!

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