Oct 22, 2009

MobileMe Discount - Cheap Mobile Me

Apple Store employees do a pretty good job of hard-selling it's mail and web services to new Macintosh or iPhone owners with a new Mac purchase with an ongoing $30 off your first year promotion. And by default you are opted in for automatic renewal at $99 annually for the rest of eternity. With sales taxes, it's real cost can often me more like $108 per year.

That's a serious chunk of change. But it's not to difficult to find this: Discount MobileMe- for anywhere from $59-89 with a bit of shopping around at Amazon - especially if you check out 3rd party sellers competing with them.

NOTE: All you need to start or renew your account is the numeric code included in the retail box of Mobile Me or dot.Mac - Remember, all you're really buying is a unique dotMac/MobileMe CODE NUMBER for a year of service, regardles of how old or new the retail package is - even if it's an ancient sealed box of DotMac.

Another option to save 25% on Mobile Me any day of the week is here:
MobileMe - Single UserCheap MobileMe at Mac Mall

To get control over annual MobileMe costs - it's important to TURN OFF Auto-Renew in your Account Settings - and to enter your purchased MobileMe-.Mac activation code yourself just prior to your renewal date. Ka-Ching!
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