Oct 22, 2009

MacBook Speakers - Better Sound Options

Last quarter 75% - 3 out of 4 folks who bought a Mac bought a MacBook. Perhaps of all the tradeoffs one makes for the convenience of portability is the horrible lack of sound quality in a MacBook's tiny speakers. With ample physical space available for larger drivers, only the 17" MacBook Pro really does laptop speakers justice.

For the majority of us with the 13" consumer MacBook in particular - there's a real need for better sound - and NEARLY ANY SPEAKER SYSTEM you can plug into a 'Book will sound better than what's built-in. Of course there's no shortage of speaker systems to choose from, especially for Macs at the desk where AC power is available. But especially if you're mobile, check out some of these portable laptop speakers - especially those that are USB powered. These mobile speakers can give much better frequency response and sound volume in a compact form-factor that you can use on the go or at home. A single USB cable provides both power AND pure digital audio over a single cable, no batteries needed.

At the desktop, a tangle-free USB speaker may be all they need. But for those who really want deep bass and to crank up the volume, look to full 2.1 stereo speaker systems with sub-woofer - or at the very least a high-end 2.0 system with 4" or larger drivers to deliver the Oooomph! you want.

Lastly, OSX Leopard and the iPhone have recently cranked up demand for A2DP - Hi-Fi stereo Bluetooth speakers which can provide CLOSE RANGE or IN-ROOM listening options over a wire-free connection within 10-30 feet.
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