Aug 28, 2009

Wireless Speakers For iPhone 3 and OS X Leopard

The evolution in wireless Bluetooth audio has been slow in coming. While many cell-phones have been monophonic Bluetooth Headset enabled - it wasn't until recently that HI-FI STEREO A2DP Bluetooth protocols began to get widely implemented.

For quality music listening - A2DP support was critical for full-range frequency response and 2 channel stereo. Previous headset protocols were geard only for low-fi voice in Monophonic. As such the market for Bluetooth stereo speakers languished in a slowly evolving market. But that's changing:

Two recent changes: Implementation of A2DP audio support in OSX 10.5 (and now Snow) Leopard makes stereo Bluetooth streaming a snap. And the recent iPhone 3 OS and it's support of A2DP and higher quality audio codecs have kicked the Bluetooth speaker system marketplace into high-gear.
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