May 30, 2009

New: Xtreme Makeover For Tritton Sound Bite USB Travel Speaker

For mobile on the go people, the original Triton Sound Byte portable USB speaker was just a well engineered, great sounding product. Now in it's second iteration, the Sound Bite Xtreme Black USB Travel SpeakerUSB speakers model TRI-UA212 takes a quality product to the next level. About the size of a hamburger, it's 2.1 stereo sound with 52mm 'sub-woofer' packs surprising punch - getting both power and room-filling pure digital audio from a single USB cable.

With a revised sleek black design, now with it's dual flip-up tweeters protected by a speaker grill, and enhanced with an external volume control and optional headphone jack - Tritton has made a great product even better.
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