Jun 8, 2012

A New Generation Of MacBooks?

Apple's 2012 WWDC - World Wide Developers Conference is happening in June. Am keenly awaiting the WWDC Keynote Speech on Monday at 10am PST. Although the Developer's Conference is foremost about software, apps, iOS and OSX, there's usually new Apple hardware announcements to go with it.

Being a Mac Gizmo Guy -- desktop Macintosh and MacBook computer hardware and gadgets are my thing. Not so much iOS and Apple's handheld gizmos. Call me a dinosaur, maybe the whole world IS moving to hand-held and tablet mobile computing platforms. But until then, I'll stay focused on the laptop and desktop Apple users interests.

With the recent release of new Intel CPU's and Ivy-Bridge chipsets - My most pressing interest is on the next generation of Apple MacBook models. Will the MacBook Pro get whittled down to a more MacBook Air form factor? Will 2nd generation ThunderBolt chips be used? Will the built-in DVD SuperDrive finally become an external OPTIONAL add on? Will USB 3.0 on a Mac finally become a reality? Will iPods, iPhones and iPads start getting upgraded to USB 3.0 ports in the months ahead? Hmmm? Guess we'll find out soon enough...
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