Feb 22, 2012

Apple Backup External Drive Options

Each and every Macintosh computer owner needs a working Apple backup drive solution to guard and protect oneself from data loss. With Apple's default inclusion of Time-Machine backup application in its MacOS Lion and Leopard operating systems, there's really no excuse not to have a total and reliable image of every bit of data that's important to you..

Interface options these days include ThunderBolt, USB 3.0 SuperSpeed, USB 2.0 and FireWire 800 or 400 - depending on the age and your model of Macintosh desktop or Mac laptop. For TimeMachine use, you definitely want a drive that's BIGGER in capacity than the drive built into your MacBook Air laptop or desktop Macintosh. Regardless if you choose a full size external Macintosh compatible backup drive - or a diminutive portable external hard drive, always opt for the most hard drive capacity you can afford. These days, 500GB is the bare minimum - and will protect your data for several years ahead.

For users who have small data transfer uses, a USB flash drive for Mac is handy for smaller data files,documents, or a group of digital photos you need to share. We advise purchasing a bigger 16GB and up size keychain drive, you'll appreciate the extra elbow room.

Lastly, for office or home environments with several computers needing a file sharing and backup solution, consider a single, centralized wireless backup for Mac for your computers with a device such as Apple's TimeCapsule which connects via your Wi-Fi connection or Ethernet network.
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