Aug 16, 2010

Top SEM - SEO Tools For Mac OSX Website Promotion

With 3+ million Macintosh computers being sold each quarter, Apple's market share exploding. It brings a new wave of Mac web masters and site owners looking not to just build a website with OSX  authoring software - but an increasing need for Mac compatible SEO software, tools and search engine marketing tips and resources that are Mac specific.

I hate to think Running Windows via VMWare or Parallels is the 'solution' -- so many automated site, RSS feed and article submission or social bookmarking tools are Windows only. But in reality there are select SEO programs and tools that are cross-platform or run natively on Mac OS X.  Those, along with many website submission and promotion activities that be done with Safari or any Mac web-browser, Apple site owners have a modest but decent set of site optimization and submit tools at their disposal. Check out this blog for a growing list of Mac webmaster tools - and other resources available to get a site seen and rising to the top of search engine results - On a Macintosh.

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