Mar 31, 2008

Cheap Crappy Webcams vs Quality Ones

Stumbled across a dirt-cheap imported Mac compatible UVC compliant webcam on eBay a few weeks back: <$20 shipped - and by gawd it is a fully Mac compatible webcam - well at least the camera part is. Er, WAS. It was a fairly decent 1.3 megapixel web camera image-quality wise. Unfortunately the built-in microphone never did work, and after actually touching and using and adjusting the camera - I guess I moved the wire more than a dozen times - the WHOLE STUPID WEBCAM CROAKED. Had to fiddle with the wire to get it to work, maybe, sometimes, for awhile... So I threw it in the garbage. There you have it. Cheap crappy webcam from China ends up like other cheap crappy stuff from China - in the garbage after less than 2 weeks of ocassional 'use'.

On the other, quality end of the spectrum, we have the driverless QuickCam Pro 9000 which is a #1 TOP SELLING WEBCAM - FOR GOOD REASONS: Spectacular Carl Ziess glass lens, excellent low-light sensitivity, built-in microphone, UVC compliance (FYI: Most Logitech cams aren't), and a zillion satisfied users.

Best Selling Mac Compatible Webcam

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