Oct 8, 2006

Best Mac TV Tuner : Tune In - Tune Out

I've bought ALOT of computer gizmo's since my first foray into personal computing in 1982. I'll spare you Ancient History of the early days, but yes, I was one of those guys who combed thru HEATHKIT electronics catalogs _before_ the 'Personal Computer' era official kicked in.

.....alot of stuff utterly left out here... Revised: check out www.mac-digital-tv-tuners.com for a bit more info on turning your Mac into a TV set and home entertainment centerpiece.

Elgato's EyeTV has GOT to be the best gizmo I've EVER bought. Not just for my iMac. Ever. I love being able to record, rewind, pause and resume the little TV I do watch. Why Apple hasn't integrated PVR - TiVo like functionality into it's Macintosh line long ago is just stoopid. And now, it doesn't make sense to as we are rapidly approaching the mandatory HDTV era and analog TV (and the gizmos) will almost instantly become obsolete. Perhaps after the major switch to digital. In the meantime (and Elgato is keeping up with digital tuner models) EYETV ROCKS.
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