Mar 13, 2015

USB-C Peripherals For 2015 MacBook

With the announcement of the new, razor-thin 12 inch MacBook, Apple has also introduced a single USB connector that's part of the Universal Serial Bus v3.1 specification: 'USB Type-C'. The only other port on the Mac laptop is a 3.5mm Analog audio port for headphones and microphones on the right-hand side.

This single port provides both USB 3.X data connectivity AND replaces and consolidates the MagSafe power port as well. While that's a neat advancement, it also implies many users will have to use a USB-C adapter or hub of some sort to use ANY of the USB peripherals they likely already own. You can learn more about the new Type-C standard at

Fortunately Apple and 3rd party vendors are poised to deliver a range of USB-C drives, cables and adapters to help ease the transition. Stay tuned, I'll be featuring some of the new gadgets as they hit the market.
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