Jan 22, 2014

2014 Tax Prep Apps For Mac OSX

With several million new Apple computer buyers joining the Macintosh computing family each quarter, there is an increasing demand for the best Mac tax software to assist with filing State and Federal income taxes. Unless you are fortunate enough to have very simple filing requirement and only have to prepare a 1040-EZ Federal form, you'll likely need all the assistance you can muster to prep 2014 taxes on your Mac with ease and accuracy. Now widely available in downloadable versions for OSX, you can get started on your 2104 tax prep within minutes.

Although it can vary from year to year by a few days, the last date to file your 2015 return is Wednesday, April 15th 2015.

Note: Starting in 2015 TurboTax Mac Deluxe NO LONGER lets sole proprietor's prepare a Schedule-C, you'll need the higher-end Home and Business edition!

Slightly more affordable, H&R Block 'Tax Software For Mac' (Formerly called 'TaxCut - At Home') offers a popular alternative to Intuit's best selling Tax prep app for Mac OSX:

The two primary programs for tax preparation on Mac OS are Intuit's hugely popular TurboTax Deluxe and H and R Block's At-Home tax prep programs. Both are available now for download to let you get going on your 2014 tax year filings. Usually by mid-January both the final versions Federal and State data is updated and available. Along the way you'll likely be prompted to download updates as bug-fixes and finalized tax rules become available.

Note the 'Deluxe' version of the Mac tax preparation apps linked above generally include State and Federal + electronic e-Filing. If your state of residency doesn't even have personal income taxes, you may want a more basic version. If you run a small business, have complex investment income, or manage a rental property - you may want to opt for a higher-end Business or Premium version for extra help and forms for dealing with these more complex filing needs.
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