Mar 15, 2012

Best Mac SSD 2012

Tired or dying hard drive in your Apple laptop? Best SSD for MacBook Pro or Mac mini? OCZ, Patriot, Crucial, Intel lead the pack of SSD manufacturers. Yeah there's alot of other 'Me-Too' solid-state drives and brands - but focus your hard drive upgrade replacement to any of the current SATA III interface models - and you will LOVE the performance benefits.

Some trends in the Solid-State drive market to take note of:

1. Prices have collapsed in the last few months, with many SSD's nearing the $1 per Gigabyte range. That's making 128GB SSD's a highly affordable MacBook, Mac mini or Macintosh Pro upgrade.

2. Manufacturers have learned alot as SSD's have matured. Firmware and the intelligence that handles Reads/Writes, Wear-Leveling, Block Allocation, Clean-up and other aspects of managing the NAND flash memory cells for maximum speed, efficiency and long-term reliability have evolved greatly.

3. Think SATA III - even if your Mac has an older SATA II or I interface. Backward compatibility assures your Mac laptop or desktop will operate at the maximum speed it's capable of - and if and when you transfer the drive into your NEXT Mac - you'll immediately be able to reap the benefits of the 6Gbps potential.

Single best SSD currently out there? The latest offering from OCZ: The OCZ Vertex 4 is the cumulation of the absolute state-of-the-art SSD technology at an insanely affordable price. It's what I'll be installing in my own MacBook Pro 13" in the weeks ahead.
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